Used Golf Club Sets
Used Golf Clubs  

Used Golf Clubs Sets

Used Golf Clubs Sets at very affordable prices

Used Golf Clubs Sets and Used Golf Balls are what many smart golfers are using. Very often such used golf clubs can be found in pristine conditions, with hardly a scratch on them. Every time a large golf equipment manufacturer - like i.e Calloway - comes out with a new line, the 'old', but up to this time absolute cutting edge golf clubs become obsolete for some. That's the chance for smart golfers! Now plenty of used golf clubs come on the market, the prices for theses great golf clubs - don't forget: They were until yesterday's announcement of Calloway's new golf clubs the best and newest technology you could get - drop dramatically.

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The strategy for a golfer who wants to buy these 'old' golf clubs can be:

  • Look around in golf shops and the pro shops of the golf clubs to find a shop owner who wants to sell the last golf club set (this one even new and ununsed) because a new technology or just a new name is now on the market and nobody wants to buy these golf clubs anymore, even thouhg they are brand new. Negociate a large discount and you're thr proud owner of truly new set of golf clubs!
  • Ask around in your club and try to find soembody who wants to upgrade their golf club set to the newest, latest and most expensive. (Yes some golfers buy their golf clubs the same way they buy their Porsche or BMW: The latest and most expensive model is the onyl that will do...) If you are lucky, you'll get a golf club set that may only have been played few times, has had one owner and has been taken care of by a pro, who made sure the clubs were cleaned and oiled as necessary.
  • Use the internet to check for golf clubs, use Ebay, Amazon or Yahoo shops to look for used golf clubs offers. This is a bit more tricky, as soemtimes you may be offered used golf clubs that should really be called 'abused' golf clubs. You need to be sure that the golf clubs offered are in good condition, so be carefuly before parting with a few hundred dollars or even more!

I know of one golfer who keeps on changing his clubs exactly the same as some of the golf 'geeks', only that he keeps one generation behind the guys I talk about in the list above. When the golfers with the thick wallets upgrade to their next generation golf clubs, he does the same, every time. So he makes sure he only stays one generation behind the 'cutting edge'. And with the golf club set that he owned before he upgraded again, he finances a good part of the new purchase. Like with cars, golf clubs take the largest write off when you hit the golf ball for the first time with a brand new club. This one shot can easily take off 30 to 35 percent of the value of a club. If you then sell it within a year or 18 months of the time when it originally came on the market, you can often get 70 percent or more of the catalogue price. Which means he is paying maybe 5 to 10 percent of the catalogue price (difference between what he pays for the used clubs, say 70 percent - and the selling price he gets when he passes these clubs on to the next owner, say 65 to 60 percent). Not a bad system, I think!

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This site concentrates on used golf clubs, we will also be adding great reports about other aspects of golf:

Golf tournaments on the various golf courses will be reported about regularly. From time to time we will offer special golf packages to golf resorts. The golf hotels in these resorts offer great athmosphere and convenience: The golf course is usually built around the hotel and from your hotel room to tee off is just a few minutes. If you need golf instructions from a pro golf instructor, or you are a beginner and want golf lessons from scratch, you will find it! Often the pakages include special golf shirts, made for the occasion shoiwing the golf course or golf resort with its emblem.

Golf vacations in the USA, Europe or in Asia can be really fun, provided they are properly planned and organized. If you have questions about such special golf vacations, don't hesitate to contact us! Shipping of your golf clubs and golf bags is specifically important. To make sure that you don't have to wait for your clubs (evenif they are used gold clubs, they are yours!), and that they arrive in time and good shape, it's worthwhile to use only reliable and experienced golf club shipping services. Also make sure you allways pack a few extra golf balls into your golf bags!




Used Golf Clubs Sets at very affordable prices!